It was such a blessing receiving Melissa’s service during our home birth. She was definitely the backbone of our team, and I really don’t know what we would have done without her. She was the first one to arrive and offer us support, and she was the last one to leave making sure our house was cleaned up, and even cooking my first meal after 12 hours of labor. When my surges began to intensify before our midwives arrived, she sat with me providing reassurance, reminding me how strong I am, and offering me body work to ease the intensity. I also really appreciate Melissa’s knowledge of plant medicine. She offered me an amazing herb for tea for my womb and spirit, which I drank during my third trimester and fourth trimester postpartum. For my labor, she made a magical essential oil infused spray that helped me feel light and happy. We are truly holding so much gratitude for Melissa’s heartfelt care!
— Francis, Oakland, CA
Melissa is amazing. When she arrived for our prenatal visits, I was generally a little overwhelmed or tired, and she immediately tuned in to our environment and put me at ease. She was knowledgeable about many aspects of labor and delivery, and held space for me to get clear on what sort of experience I wanted and what to expect. I ended up being in labor for three days, and she was the only continuous thread through the transitions of nurses and midwives at the hospital. She was so valuable in offering ways to change up the environment, providing body work, and giving counter pressure on my hips all through active labor - an exhausting feat! She was supportive of me and my small birth team, and gave me encouragement the entire time, also knowing when to step back let my process unfold. After my daughter was born, Melissa stayed and supported us in our first latch, and ensured my team and I were doing alright. We hired her to encapsulate the placenta, and not only did she make capsules, broth, and tincture, but also beautiful mementos that we have as decorations in the nursery. Having her come for a postpartum check-ups was also very helpful. She soothed the baby and let me finish dinner and it was really healing to recount the experience and have a closing ceremony. I couldn’t recommend Melissa highly enough.
— Molly, Oakland, CA
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Melissa was my rock during the 42.5 weeks of pregnancy. We began collaborating early on during my second trimester of my first pregnancy. Her dedication, openness, confidence, and knowledge supported me as I journeyed along. She was a constant source of encouragement to listen to my body and my instinct, especially as we moved past the due date. I enjoyed creating my birth plan and practicing different coping skills for labor. I like to say I experienced a labor buffet in which I experienced many different versions from no medical interventions to a c-section. Walking the halls of the labor wing of the hospital is a memory I’ll never forget. By myself I could only walk for 10 minutes before getting ‘tired’ during labor. Melissa kindly pushed me to walk for 40 and stay hydrated! She can see your strength and knows how to make it rise to the surface.
— Lisa Marie, Oakland, CA
Melissa was a wonderful doula and I would highly recommend her. She was an invaluable resource for my pregnancy, before and after. She was super responsive and made it to the hospital soon after we texted her that I was in labor, despite the fact that it was the middle of the night. At first, we were on the fence about getting a doula, but looking back, I am so glad that Melissa was there for us with her wealth of knowledge and support. I can’t imagine getting through my labor and delivery without her.
— Leniqua, Oakland, CA
Where do I start, this was my first child and basically I didn’t know anything. Melissa was so informative, accommodating, patient, professional, and flexible. Melissa was there during the whole labor and birth. She was so amazing, using methods to soothe the pain. She was also very good at supporting my family members to be more active. After I got home, she was always so understanding of my needs and the hectic life of a new mother. She was so good at keeping up with reminders and making any necessary adjustments to our appointments so I didn’t feel overwhelmed.
— Malayphet, Oakland, CA
Melissa was of great value as our postpartum doula. She is flexible, calm, communicative, and very attentive. I was rushed to the hospital for an emergency cesarean so her support was necessary for my healing. Initially, she helped with laundry, dishes, and light cleaning. This allowed me to focus on my baby, which is so important as a first-time mom with no other womyn to support me on a regular basis. After feeling better from the surgery, Melissa focused on spending time with our baby while I got work done or ran errands. Our baby absolutely loved spending time with Melissa. They would go on walks, read books, play, and partake in other activities. We are incredibly appreciative of her support and understanding the specific needs of our family.
— Fabiola, Oakland, CA